Total Marking Program: California Hatchery Chinook
Marking Chinook salmon
Marking Chinook salmon in California fish hatcheries

Cal-Neva AFS Hatchery Reform and Mass Marking Forums

The California-Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society with the science leadership of Cramer Fish Sciences has hosted two forums to facilitate a dialog on the science of hatcheries and salmon management in California.

Mass Marking and Hatchery Reform Forum, Cal-Neva AFS 43rd Annual Meeting 2009
The primary goal of this forum was to discuss total marking of hatchery Chinook salmon and potential for mark-selective fisheries as a specific management action to benefit natural origin Chinook and restore imperiled salmon fisheries.

Harvest, Recovery and Hatchery Reform, Cal-Neva AFS 48th Annual Meeting 2014
"Can we have our salmon and eat them too? A forum for discussing the science and management of hatchery and natural origin salmonids in the Central Valley." The primary goals of this forum were to (1) Provide knowledgeable scientists an opportunity to share the latest information regarding the degree to which hatchery salmon and steelhead may be influencing the conservation status of Central Valley salmonids stocks, and (2) Provide an opportunity for a panel of knowledgeable scientists, managers, and stakeholders to discuss and debate best available science and implications for related management actions.

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