Total Marking Program: California Hatchery Chinook
Marking Chinook salmon
Marking Chinook salmon in California fish hatcheries

Cal-Neva AFS Harvest, Recovery and Hatchery Forum

March 27, 2014

Photo courtesy of Jacob KatzThe presentations listed below are from the Hatchery Forum and panel discussion held March 27, 2014 at the California/Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meetings in Sacramento, CA. Special thanks to State and Federal Contractors Water Agency for sponsoring the event. You may download the agenda here. [Word]
(Photo courtesy of Jacob Katz)



Brad Cavallo, Cramer Fish Sciences

Hatcheries as habitat, integrated vs. segregated programs, and rehab for hatchery fish
Carlos Garza, Ph.D., National Marine Fisheries Service, Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Powerpoint Presentation [881 KB]

The road to extinction is paved with good intensions: can hatchery and natural salmon co-exist?
Rachel Johnson, PhD., Cramer Fish Sciences/ University of California Santa Cruz
Powerpoint Presentation [5.2 MB]

Managing for population diversity and stability: examples and potential hatchery applications
Stephanie Carlson, Ph.D., University of California Berkeley
Powerpoint Presentation [4.8 MB]

Integration of Hatchery Operations with Restoration Actions
Scott Hamelberg, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Powerpoint Presentation [24.7 MB]

Potential management tools and solutions: analogs from outside the basin and application to California salmon
Bradley Cavallo, Cramer Fish Sciences
Powerpoint Presentation [8.7 MB]

A Path for Central Valley Salmon Recovery
Dick Pool, Golden Gate Salmon Association
Powerpoint Presentation [2.4 MB]

JD Wilkert
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jacob Katz
California Trout


Moderator Matt Nobriga


Hatchery and Wild video: Three Rivers Sportsman Alliance

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